By Matt Dinniman, Byron Leavitt, Edgar Allan Poe, Sara King, Bram Stoker

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Hey, we’re not too cool to be festive! Especially when that means scaring the living daylights out of listeners. Horror is another of our specialties, so a Halloween birthday is just too convenient. We have a ton of treats for you trickers, including legendary Dungeon Crawler Carl author Matt Dinniman’s new serial based on his LitRPG novel from 2018, Kaiju Battlefield Surgeon, a reading of The Raven by Carl himself, Quoth the Donut, a new short story anthology from Sara King, Tales from the Battered Mind, the classic Dracula from Bram Stoker, and last year’s epic and horrific flagship, Deep Madness: Shattered Seas, by Byron Leavitt.