Spine-Chilling SBT Legacy Titles

By Jake Bible, Jeff Menapace, Timothy Dalton, Pippa DaCosta, A.C. Fuller

(4 Reviews)


Jeff Hays has been blabbering at the microphone for authors for a long time. Longer than SBT’s been around! His back catalogue doesn’t get much attention these days, so we decided to start wrenching some of them from Audible’s grasp so you guys can find them in our house. This year we were able to republish and remaster Jake Bible’s Stone Cold Bastards, Jeff Menapace’s Numb – A Disturbing Audiobook Formerly Known as Hair of the Bitch (both very appropriate for Halloween!) and Timothy Dalton’s On the Hitlist. You can find last year’s rescues here as well, including the Ameritocracy Series by AC Fuller and The Messenger Chronicles by Pippa DaCosta!