Fall of Wizardoms, Book 5: Advent of the Drow

By Jeffrey L. Kohanek

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An enslaved queen. A king who longs for peace. Death, destruction, and despair stalk them both.

A wizard queen is captured by a madman who seeks world dominance. Enslaved by magical means, she is forced to wield her magic against her own people.

Can she escape her invisible bonds, or will her wizardom fall to the might of the lord enchanter and his golem army?

In another nation, the last remaining wizard is expunged, freeing the Ungifted from wizard rule for the first time in Millennia. While the god king brings the promise of peace, such was not meant to be. The advent of the Drow has come.

The world trembles as this new enemy rises, intent on conquering all of mankind.

Advent of the Drow is the fifth entry in the Fall of Wizardoms epic, a tale packed with action, intrigue, and emotional moments that will have you drying tears one moment and laughing out loud the next.

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About The Author

Jeffrey L. Kohanek grew up in rural Minnesota where comic books sparked his young imagination, inspiring fantasies of heroes with super-powers saving the day. His tastes later evolved to fantasy epics featuring unlikely heroes overcoming impossible odds to save worlds born from the writer’s imagination. Now residing in Las Vegas, Jeff uses that imagination to weave tales of engaging characters caught in fantastic plots to inspire young adults and the child within us all.

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