Soundbooth Theater is Proud to Present: Independent Distribution

What is Independent Distribution?

It’s finally here…

After more than a year of long calls, sleepless nights, and an incalculable amount of hard work from every single member of the SBT team, our independent distribution platform is finally live! SBT fans are now able to purchase and listen to some of our most amazing titles directly from our website, with Android and Apple apps coming soon.

There are so many people to whom we want to extend an enormous “thank you!” – our authors for believing in us (and being patient with us!), our website and app development team for helping us turn our dream into a reality, and above all, our fans for giving us nonstop love and support. None of this would have been possible without each one of you, and that is something we do not take lightly. As always, you’ve inspired us to put everything we have into our production process, and we’re so excited to share the finished product with you.

We’re launching with over 20 titles, including 12 never-before-heard productions. You can find the complete list here. We absolutely cannot wait for you to hear them.

In subsequent sections, we’ll outline what features you can expect from the platform now, what exciting features we have coming, and how you can stay in the loop on all our future updates. But first…

A Token of our Gratitude

As our way of saying thanks, we’ve created the LAUNCH15 discount code. Enter that code now through November 15th any time you purchase three or more items, and you’ll get 15% off your whole order. Code applies to all titles, and you can use it as many times as you want – as long as you have at least three items in your cart each time. Happy listening!

So, What Features are Available Now?

Good question. As of today, you can listen to our productions on any browser on your computer, phone, etc. Once the Apple and Android apps are ready, any audio spoils you have already purchased will automatically show up in your library (after you download the app, free of charge). From there, you can download your library to any of your devices.

Both the Android and Apple versions of the apps have been submitted, so when exactly they go live is in the hands of the corporate internet overlords over at Google and Apple. We’ll be sure to send out announcements via the channels mentioned below.

What to Expect from the Apps

We have a ton of exciting features that are going to be on the app right from launch. These include:

  • Get what you want! Prefer SFX, music, and a cast with your stories? Grab the Audio Deep Dive version. Want a straight read without bells and whistles? Grab the audiobook version
  • Buy and download audiobooks or Deep Dives straight to the SBT App, and they’re ready to listen
  • Variable qualities, from 96kbps to save space on your phone, to 192kb for the best listening experience
  • Variable play speeds, from .5x – 2.5x so you can set your own listening pace
  • Launching with more than 20 titles, with new content being uploaded on a regular basis
  • Tell us what you think of our titles by reviewing them right there on the app

And that’s only the beginning! With each new update, we’ll unveil cool new features – like sales bundles, achievements, and more. In many ways, our platform is like a living, breathing thing, and we can’t wait to help it grow and evolve, with your feedback, of course.

How to Stay “in the Know,” as They Say

The best way to get updates as soon as they’re available is to subscribe to our newsletter. That’s the first place we make announcements! We also recommend you:

We’re absolutely over the moon to be starting on this next chapter with all of you, and we hope you’re looking forward to what’s to come as much as we are. 

Jeff & the whole SBT team