Aaron J. Morton

Composer, Sound Engineer

Aaron J. Morton began as a promising young student in high school, composing for live ensembles starting at age 14. He was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to compete many times locally and nationally, winning several awards. As he moved into film scoring, he started small with a couple indie shorts and quickly got his first opportunity to score a feature; Addiction: a 60s Love Story, directed by Tate Steinsiek (from SyFy's Face Off). They continue to work together today on his ongoing career in horror filmmaking.

Along the way, Aaron also connected with popular film critic, Chris Stuckmann, of YouTube fame. They have worked together on projects related to his channel as well as films he has directed and produced.

Based in Tulsa, OK, Aaron’s local artistic outlet is WONDERHEIM, of which he is the Creative Director. It goes without saying that nearly all the music associated with its projects are scored and produced by Aaron (literally) in-house.

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