Edward Castle


Edward Castle has always loved games, but as time went on, he started to feel that gaming lacked something. There was too much grinding, too many weak stories and repetitive mechanics, and other annoyances, like the dreaded DLC.

He had always loved reading, but eventually the novels he read began to feel stale, they were too cliched to keep him excited enough to turn the pages.

Then the stars aligned, and Edward found GameLit.

The perfect blend of his chief interests, GameLit recaptured the way he’d felt while gaming in the fantasy genre. He could follow the story of a character in a world that ran on game rules, whether it be in a parallel universe or full-immersion VR. He could vicariously enjoy all the parts of a game he’d loved without being subjected to the interminable grind. He was drawn in by the notion of hyper realistic worlds and NPCs controlled by advanced AIs, where magic required actual understanding to cast and actions had tangible consequences. The genre ticked all the right boxes for Edward. He had found a new love.

Yet there were so few stories in the genre; he had read everything available and still wanted to read something nobody had written. So, he started writing himself.

Today, he writes full time and is best known as the author of the Unbound Deathlord series.

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