This is the Future of Audio Storytelling

You are about to experience the Audio Immersion Tunnel (AIT). This world class auditory experience brings the madness of Matt Dinniman’s Dungeon Crawler Carl to life like no book adaptation in history. The AIT combines an award-winning cast of voice actors, sound design, and music into what is best described as a movie for the ears.

Who is Carl? When we meet him, he’s just a guy in his boxers standing in the snow trying to get a stubborn cat to come back inside. Moments later, he is one of the few surviving humans on Earth. If he wants to keep it that way, he’ll have to entertain audiences across the galaxy by killing in a new game-based reality.

Who are we? Basically, Soundbooth Theater is a collection of genius narrators, audio engineers, voice actors, musicians, and system builders who have teamed up to make the most mind-blowing audio experiences on the planet. And this… is our Mona Lisa. Our very bloody, very chaotic, very kickass Mona Lisa. Prepare your ears.

Listen to Dungeon Crawler Carl Episode 1
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