Working with Soundbooth Theater



Soundbooth Theater is open to all genres of fiction. Though we focus on LitRPG/GameLit, Science Fiction, and Fantasy, we are looking to expand into other genres.

In order for us to take on a story, it must be well-written with compelling, believable characters and conflict, good pacing, unique elements, and the ability to pull the reader/listener into the world created for them. Because we produce audiobooks on a royalty-share basis, we also take into consideration the revenue potential of the story or series an author brings us.

If you have any further questions or feel that your book is a good fit for Soundbooth Theater, please reach out to us at

Note: Due to the volume of submissions we receive, we are not always able to respond to each submission on an individual basis, so please reach out to us after 30 days if you have not heard back.