Biomedical Self-Engineering

By Jon Svenson


Divorced and working as a security guard in Portland, 73-year-old Carl is attacked by an unknown creature before he is able to taser it to death. After being released from the hospital, he discovers by accident that he is unwittingly acquiring DNA samples from other people he touches.

He discovers a number of shocking facts about himself when a blue box appears in his right eye. Most importantly, he discovers that his health is nowhere near what he assumed it would be. Can he reverse the negative aspects of his health using these blue boxes, somehow? And can he reverse his poor financial situation after his wife took half his pension just before retirement?

Biomedical Self-Engineering is a LitRPG slice-of-life adventure following Carl as he discovers new ways of living life when he is nearing the end of his own. There are no explicit scenes, no harems, and only one swear word at the very end.

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