Justin Thomas James

Composer, Narrator, Project Manager

Justin Thomas James has been listening to audiobooks since before he could talk. His parents listened to Books on Tape every night before bed and sometimes little Justin went to the library with them to pick out his own cassette stories. Some stories of note include “Who Put That Hair on my Toothbrush” and several Robert Munsch tales.

One day, he happened upon a cassette of Ray Bradbury Short Stories, which were slightly less appropriate for an eight-year-old child than his usual listening material. Still, he fondly remembers enjoying these productions of “Kaleidoscope” and “A Sound of Thunder” with his brother. Not only were they chilling in the messages they depicted – most of which went right over his little head – but they were also made captivating by their use of SFX, music, and multiple cast members. And thus, little Justin’s passion for immersive storytelling was born.

Full-grown Justin is stoked to get to create these types of productions on a daily basis, adding his own voice, music, and sound design to many of Soundbooth Theater’s top titles.

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