Rise of Kers

By Daniel Weber


When Kers is reborn as a dungeon core, he finds himself stuck in the most improbable of places: a cloud. High in the sky and far away from the usual solid resources, Kers must face the obvious question; how is a dungeon to build itself without wood or stone?

Luckily, Kers has the sarcastic (and sometimes helpful) fairy, Selena, to help him get his bearings. Together, the pair delight in exploring Kers’ weird existence, creating novel mobs, and enticing adventures to plumb the lofty heights of his floors.

After all, with vicious yet fluffy snow leopards, infuriating pink slimes, and some sharks with freakin’ energy beams, what’s not to love? Everything seems to be falling into place.

That is, until the other dungeons — each with their own unique resources and machinations — also take an interest in Kers. He soon finds himself with strange new friends and dangerous new foes.

After all, the Adventures Guild does not take kindly to ‘irregular’ dungeons…

Forced to fight, Kers must use every advantage his unique situation grants him if he and his new family are to survive this second chance at life.