The Trickster’s Tale

By J Pal


Everyone wants to be the chosen one.

The job’s perks often involve overpowered abilities, world-breaking equipment, and an eager line of bodacious partners.

But due to a Goddess’s clumsy meddling, a struggling musician named Perry ends up accidentally transmigrated alongside her true chosen one with none of the above.

Demanding a portal home or reparations for his bereaved family doesn’t win him respect either. Instead, he finds himself thrust into a world of magic, monsters, and a wise cracking System. His courage wins him nothing but severely diminished proportions and a brand that severely limits his combat potential.

Little does the Goddess know that nothing can stand in the way of Perry’s sheer will. If brute strength and arcane powers won’t get him the justice he desires, bardic wit, musical talent and creativity will.

Perry’s first target? A goblin shaman. Then, the world.

The next LitRPG series from the hit author of They Called Me Mad and The Houndsman is here! Trickster’s Tale has everything you love from the genre, and more laughs than you can shake a lute at.