Hero of Thera, Book 2: A Thousand Drunken Monkeys

By Eric Nylund


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The Kingdom of Thera is a crossroads to many worlds and realities. Here, a secret war between the gods plays out via their proxy mortal champions. These player-champions use all the augmented-reality interfaces and game mechanics that role-playing and video gamers know and love.

Join Hektor Saint-Savage, marine and martial artist extraordinaire; Morgana Nox, shape-shifting druid-thief and trickster; and the cantankerous dwarf, Elmac Arguson, as they punch, blast, stab, and slither their way through the second Hero of Thera novel.

Can they outwit, outfight, and outrun assassins? The Imperial Knight Champion of Chaos? Feisty gnomes with slide rules? A horde of a thousand inebriated simians?

There’s only one way to find out….

Eric Nylund is the New York Times best-selling author of many novels – including HALO: The Fall of Reach. He has helped create over 50 video games like Gears of War. He lives near rain-drenched Seattle.

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