Jeff Hays

Founder, Narrator, Producer

Jeff Hays is a voice actor with tremendous range, a producer and narrator of more than 100 audiobooks, a musician and composer, and Founder & CEO of Soundbooth Theater. Jeff has always loved the arts. He grew up immersed in media – from novels, film, and music to tabletop RPGs and videogames. His natural creativity coupled with unrelenting ambition led him to launch Soundbooth Theater right at the crossroad of all these mediums.

Initially inspired by his passion for music, Jeff was in his mid-twenties when he found his true calling: using his voice to tell stories. He strives to make his characters memorable and believable; and his excellent comedic timing along with his ability to speak directly to the listener – rather than merely reading aloud – immediately set him apart as a creative force in the industry. With more time and higher-profile projects, Jeff was able to begin to experiment with and incorporate his other talents, blending illustrative sound effects and evocative music into his productions.

It was discovering the opportunity to design a deeper experience with sound that led him to start this company, and to hold SBT’s audiobooks to the highest possible standards. Immersion is the primary design goal behind his audiobooks, and he encourages his whole team to adopt this philosophy.

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