Delvers LLC, Book 4: Golden Handcuffs

By Blaise Corvin


After helping save a country on Ludus from a demon invasion, Henry and Jason could use a break. Unfortunately, life moves on and new problems will appear, especially for their friend, the new ruler of Berber. Being orb-bonded adventurers wielding powerful magic means they have the responsibility to do what others cannot.

Some members have left, and there will be new additions. The Delvers LLC team is solid. But while Henry creates new magi-tech and Jason perfects his deadly power, evil forces are gathering. The men from Earth had better enjoy what downtime they have, because it’s not likely to last.

Events on Ludus and out among the rest of the universe are spiraling toward something terrible. Henry Sato, Jason Booth, and Nora Hazard might find themselves being drawn toward the center of the conflict, or knowing their luck, falling right into it.

©2020 Blaise Corvin (P)2021 Blaise Corvin

About The Author

After being laid off from his IT job, Blaise Corvin became a full-time science fiction and fantasy writer. He is best known for his Delvers LLC series, and his passion for the GameLit genre of fiction, in which most of his books tend to fall. Known as the Magnificent Bastard of GameLit, Blaise became a writer for the same reason that so many do: he was frustrated at not finding the types of stories he wanted to read. So, he began to write them himself, only to find that many other GameLit lovers wanted to read his stories too.

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