Stonehaven League, Book 7: Echoes of the System

By Carrie Summers


Monsters. Mayhem. Toaster waffles?

Devon Walker has had it rough lately. She kinda saved the game world — or, at least, earned the citizens of Aventalia a small respite from the demon attacks. But the wild magic she used had some devastating consequences, starting with a shattered landscape and the apparent vanishing of her settlement.

Now, it’s up to her to fix the problems, save her NPC friends, and lay plans to take the attack to the demon forces.

The challenges are too big to face alone, and Devon will need the help of her guildmates and friends. Can she level up her social skills in time? Will she ever get her apartment in shape for houseguests? Does growing up mean the end of soggy microwave burritos and the appearance of crunch toaster waffles?

©2019 Carrie Summers (P)2020 Carrie Summers

About The Author

Carrie Summers is a game programmer by day and a writer every other minute she can squeeze out of the universe. She dreams of living forever, takes a break occasionally to go rock climbing, and hopes someone will eventually invent a cure for sleep. The neighbors near her home in Western Colorado are probably really weirded out by her habit of dictating chapters while walking around the block.

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