Monster Slayer Online, Book 1: Goblin King

By R.R. Virdi


To earn a second chance at life, Devrim Bains must die and enter a virtual world of monsters and mayhem. Let’s just hope one death is all it will take, because he can’t afford another.

When Devrim reaches his 21st birthday, he’s finally punished for a crime that was never his fault — being born. In a world of strict population control, his life’s been decided for him, and it’s about to end. But a stroke of luck gives him the opportunity to have his consciousness uploaded into a simulated-reality game world with the promise of paradise.

Except paradise always comes with a cost.

Monsters of legend and myths of old come to life in Lorian, needing to be slain or tamed for Devrim to have a shot at enjoying freedom. It’d be easy enough if one of the fiends hadn’t raised an army hellbent on conquering everything. The goblin king has his sights set on taking the lands of Lorian in his iron grasp, and Devrim Bains’ only chance is to quickly learn what it means to be a slayer.

To make sure his new lease on life isn’t cut painfully short, he’s going to have to embody the greatest rule in Monster Slayer Online: hunt or be hunted!

Goblin King is the first novel of the Monster Slayer Online LitRPG/GameLit series. If you loved The 100, the Monster Hunter game franchise, and Dragon’s Dogma, you’ll enjoy this fast-paced, hard-action monster-slaying novel. 

Author’s note: Goblin King is a LitRPG/GameLit novel featuring gamelike progression/skills and appropriate text/pop-ups in narration. Please keep this in mind while listening.

©2018 R.R. Virdi (P)2018 R.R. Virdi

About The Author

R.R. Virdi is a two-time Dragon Award finalist and a Nebula Award finalist. He is the author of two urban fantasy series, The Grave Report, and The Books of Winter, the LitRPG/portal fantasy series, Monster Slayer Online, and Shepherd of Light, a space western/sci-fi series. He has worked in the automotive industry as a mechanic, the retail industry, and the custom gaming computer world. He's an avid car nut with a special love for American classics. The hardest challenge for him up to this point has been fooling most of society into believing he's a completely sane member of the general public.

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