Elemental Dungeon, Book 2: Infernal Bones

By Jonathan Smidt


Ryan has died, been reborn as a dungeon core, defeated a necromancer, and made a number of friends along the way. Life, well un-life, is good.

However, everything changed when the demons attacked. With his dungeon town in danger and cultists scheming in the shadows, Ryan must decide whether to draw upon the darker side of his own nature — unlocking powers far greater than anything he has accessed before.

Something his new dungeon fairy seems suspiciously excited about. With his favorite adventurer, Blake, slowly accepting his new powers as a Specter of Balance, Ryan learns being a darkness dungeon means a lot more than just bones, zombies, and skeletal fight club. Apparently, the power granted by God of Death encompasses much, much more.

Unfortunately, Ryan learns the hard way that some things should remain dead…

©2020 Jonathan Smidt (P)2020 Portal Books

About The Author

Jonathan’s journey through life has been anything but slow. Being part of a military family, he moved across the world growing up, and having not learned his lesson, joined the Marine Corps right out of high school. This sent him on a whirlwind adventure, which even found him in the sands of Afghanistan. During all his travels, he found one thing always remained constant: he loved to read. Now, married and with life finally calming down a bit, he has begun to push his passion for literature even higher, aiming to give readers the kinds of books he has come to love, with his own unique twist.

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