New Era Online, Book 5: Life Reset – Conquest

By Shemer Kuznits


A prophecy foretold… The fate of thousands on the line…

With one major enemy town behind them, the GreenPiece clan marches onward to new conquests. Facing Oren and his monster army are the combined forces of the so-called “civilized races,” intent on halting his invasion of their territory.

Reality blurs as Oren fights harder than ever to save the trapped players, his clan, and his family.

Life Reset: Conquest is Book 5 of New Era Online, a LitRPG/GameLit bestselling series that combines settlement development, a monster protagonist, a deranged AI companion who’s obsessed with testicular quips, and a desire to explore what it means to be a human living inside a video game.

©2020 Shemer Kuznits (P)2020 Soundbooth Theater

About The Author

Shemer has been a fan of Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and RPG games for decades. He started devouring LitRPG books from the moment he discovered them back in 2016. After reading well over 100 of them, Shemer decided to contribute to the genre by writing his first novel: Life Reset.

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