New Era Online, Book 2: Life Reset – EvP

By Shemer Kuznits


After defeating the hobgoblin threat, Oren is now faced with an even more tenacious enemy: the players themselves.

His old guild has discovered his village’s location and a deadly strike force is closing in. With time running out, Oren must build up his clan and recruit an army of monsters if he’s to have any hope of withstanding the coming attack.

The Soundbooth Theater Team for this production:

Jeff Hays – Narration, Music, and Sound Design
Laurie Catherine Winkel – Raystia and Yulli
Annie Ellicott – Misa and Kusitesh
Dalton Lynne – Editing and Proofing
Griffin Malnar – Editing and Mastering

©2018 Shemer Kuznits (P)2018 Jeff Hays

About The Author

Shemer has been a fan of Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and RPG games for decades. He started devouring LitRPG books from the moment he discovered them back in 2016. After reading well over 100 of them, Shemer decided to contribute to the genre by writing his first novel: Life Reset.

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