Portal Books – Side Quests, Episode 6: The Path of Flames

By Jonathan Smidt

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A Short Story From the world of Bone Dungeon

The Path of Flames recounts how the young fire mage, Emily, first became a summoner and claimed her dragon. This was no simple task, nor something achieved by training or luck. To gain her summoned companion, Emily had to delve deep into the dungeon of the Lord of Flames. There, amongst rivers of lava and towers of flame, Emily had to convince a god that she was worthy of his attention.

Explore the origin of Emily’s power and gain some insight into the games the gods play in the world of Jonathan Smidt’s Elemental Dungeon series.

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About The Author

Jonathan’s journey through life has been anything but slow. Being part of a military family, he moved across the world growing up, and having not learned his lesson, joined the Marine Corps right out of high school. This sent him on a whirlwind adventure, which even found him in the sands of Afghanistan. During all his travels, he found one thing always remained constant: he loved to read. Now, married and with life finally calming down a bit, he has begun to push his passion for literature even higher, aiming to give readers the kinds of books he has come to love, with his own unique twist.

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