Anura Rising, Book 1: Leap of Faith – Cinematic Audio

By J.S. Grulke

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Deep in the bayou of Louisiana, Henry’s life has been shattered. He never expected a second chance, a way to redeem himself. He’s been given an opportunity to return to his family, if he can fight off the evil threatening to take over Anura.

All Henry has to do is understand his new abilities, build a kingdom, and form an army to stand against the impending doom in this new fantasy world.

There’s just one problem…

He has to do it as a frog.

Leap of Faith is Book 1 of Anura Rising, a kingdom building LitRPG series that combines fantasy elements with game mechanics.

This series contains elements of games, like enchanted gear, skill trees, experience points, material gathering, building creation, character leveling, two-headed plague hounds, anthropomorphic fantasy races, magic, and intense battle sequences.

WARNING: Does not include harems but does include some profanity.

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About The Author

J.S. Grulke has travelled the U.S. multiple times over. Having lived in two polar opposites of the country – America’s dairy land in Wisconsin, to the Sacramento Mountains in New Mexico – one thing has always remained the same: his love of gaming.

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  • Release Date: 10/29/2020
  • Imprint: Soundbooth Theater
  • Genres: Fantasy, GameLit

Reviews (15)

I just can't deal with these characters the Performance is Great but the story is just crap