Sigil Online, Book 3: Bastions

By Jeff Sproul


What if the death of one game meant the death of all? A terrible entity has consumed the game known as Mage World Online. But now that all virtual online worlds are connected, this monstrous hive mind turns its sights to other games. It will take every power and friend that Riley can recruit to defeat this new, insurmountable menace. Because if he can’t stop it in Sigil Online, it will consume everything in its path.

The Soundbooth Theater team for this production:

Jeff Hays – Narration, Sound Design
Bonnie Price – Proofing
Nicholas Shoup – Editing and Mastering
Ahmed Mahmoud – Music

Warning: Listening to this novel may cause an uncontrollable desire to play Superhero MMOs.

Bastions is the finale to the Sigil Online trilogy.

©2019 Jeff Sproul (P)2019 Jeff Sproul

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