Stonehaven League, Book 1: Temple of Sorrow

By Carrie Summers


Devon Walker has one chance to turn her life around. A halfwit ogre, a legion of overgrown jungle beasts, and a power-tripping AI are trying to stop her. 

Relic Online is the hottest new game out there, and it’s Devon Walker’s best hope for escaping her hard-knock life. Thanks to her rocking achievements in other games, she’s been hired as a salaried player. Even better, her new position comes with cutting-edge implants that turn RO’s virtual reality into a full-sensory explosion. Her only task? Drive the game’s creator AI to the outermost limits of its creativity. 

Sounds easy, right? 

But when Devon logs in, her expectations shatter like an ice golem hit with a sonic blast. Wearing nothing but a cloth tunic and ragged pants, she spawns inside a ruined city overgrown by steamy jungle. With zero skills and nothing in her inventory but pocket lint, she immediately runs afoul of the city’s guardian, a stone golem the size of an apartment building. The encounter does not go well. 

And Relic Online is just getting started with her. 

Soundbooth Theater brings you another instant GameLit classic, narrated by Annie Ellicott. Paired with our troupe’s vocal chameleon, Jeff Hays, Annie delivers yet another wonderful performance that brings Carrie Summers’s world of Relic Online to life and will keep you hooked into this story filled with fast-paced action and methodically crunchy crafting and town building.

The Soundbooth Theater team for this production: 

Annie Ellicott – Narration and Female Characters
Jeff Hays – Male Characters
Ivy Sherrard – Proofing, Editing
Griffin Malnar – Production, Editing, Mastering

©2018 Carrie Summers (P)2018 Carrie Summers

About The Author

Carrie Summers is a game programmer by day and a writer every other minute she can squeeze out of the universe. She dreams of living forever, takes a break occasionally to go rock climbing, and hopes someone will eventually invent a cure for sleep. The neighbors near her home in Western Colorado are probably really weirded out by her habit of dictating chapters while walking around the block.

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