The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, Episode 5: Behind the Curtain of Oz

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Episode 5

Join the cast and crew of THE WONDERFUL WIZARD OF OZ as they pull back the curtain and discuss the behind-the-scenes process of the production. From personal stories about the importance of this beloved fairytale to the relevance of the story today for a modern audience. We also share some tricks of the trade, such as how the actors found their voice in each character and how the novel was adapted into a full-cast audio play.



  • Russell McGee
  • Nicholas Krohn
  • John Pierce Kraft
  • PJ Ochlan
  • Franc Ross
  • Greta Lind
  • Elise Chase
  • Josh Burkeholder
  • Kate Braun
  • Roy Sillings
  • Jeff Hays
  • Zach Johnson

All other parts portrayed by the loop group and members of the cast.



  • Soundbooth Theater Executive Producer: Jeff Hays
  • Starrynight Productions Executive Producer: Russell McGee
  • WFIU Executive Producer: John Bailey
  • Director: Russell McGee
  • Producer: Michael Brainard, Emily McGee, and Andrea Emmes

Produced by Soundbooth Theater and Starrynight Productions on behalf of WFIU Public Radio.

This production was made possible in part by the generous support of Indiana Public Broadcasting Stations.


© 1900 L. Frank Baum ℗ 2023 Soundbooth Theater and Starrynight Productions