Stonehaven League, Book 5: Vault of the Magi

By Carrie Summers


Q: What has two eyes (usually), a practice sword, and no clue?

A: A noob. And a horde of them are coming to ruin Devon’s day.

Freshly returned from the underworld, Devon Walker has a major task ahead. A demon army is coming, and she must prepare Stonehaven for war. But no amount of fortification will allow the small settlement to hold against the coming horde. For Devon’s followers to survive, she must retrieve the final relic of Ishildar and wake the ancient city’s power.

Too bad about all those noobs getting in the way.

Vault of the Magi, the fifth book in the Stonehaven League series continues the epic saga!

The Soundbooth Theater team for this production:

Annie Ellicott – Narration
Jeff Hays – Emerson, Owen, and the Rest of the Male Cast
Bonnie Price – Proofing
Nicholas Shoup – Editing and Mastering
Ahmed Mahmoud – Sound Design and Music

©2019 Carrie Summers (P)2019 Carrie Summers

About The Author

Carrie Summers is a game programmer by day and a writer every other minute she can squeeze out of the universe. She dreams of living forever, takes a break occasionally to go rock climbing, and hopes someone will eventually invent a cure for sleep. The neighbors near her home in Western Colorado are probably really weirded out by her habit of dictating chapters while walking around the block.

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