War Aeternus, Book 5: End of the Faithful

By Charles Dean


Lee has barely established his foothold in the kingdom of Birnefeld, and yet enemy forces are already rushing to attack. Almost all of the other Heralds have been stamped out of existence by the anti-religious zealot, King Ramen. Now, the ruthless ruler of the empire has turned his sights toward the newly conquered realm and started marching a massive army easily capable of crushing the entire kingdom beneath their feet straight toward Lee’s doorstep. With no other choice, Lee has to turn to the nemesis who plagued his dreams, the Mistress of Shadows, for help. Now, with everything on the line, Lee has to race against the clock to gather the last remaining world stones, finally finish the gods’ cruel game, and close out the final chapter of War Aeternus before King Ramen puts an end to the faithful.

This Gamelit/Litrpg fantasy novel was written by Charles Dean, author of the Bathrobe Knight series, the Merchant of Tiqpa series and the Heroic Villain series as well.

©2019 Charles Aylett Ashby Dean (P)2020 Charles Aylett Ashby Dean

About The Author

Charles Dean has an English Degree and an MBA. He's worked in multiple service and sales-level jobs. He spent most of his childhood playing every story-based RPG and reading every fantasy book he could get his hands on.

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