Bonnie L. Price

Discord Community Manager, Author, Proofer

Bonnie L. Price has been dabbling in the romantic fantasy genre since 2002, when she began writing as a way to entertain herself in rural New York. Her interest in romantic fantasy was borne from a desire for more character interactions and interpersonal relationships in the high fantasy novels and games she loved. After over a decade of keeping her work to herself, she took her first step toward self-publishing by posting a web series online. Emboldened and encouraged by how her work was received, she began publishing her work in 2018.

Her preferred approach is hybridizing romantic fantasy with other genres she enjoys, such as Dark Fantasy, GameLit, Xianxia, and more.

When not writing, Bonnie can be found playing with her dog, or playing her favorite MMOs, MOBAs, FPSs, or single-player RPGs.

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