Deck of Souls, Book 1: Fateseal

By Bonnie L. Price


Note: The Deck of Souls series contains some dark themes, profanity, violence, and adult relationships.

Gods, demons, and heroes. Standard MMO fare — or so Cerys Collins thought.

As a long-time gamer and guild leader, Cerys has always wondered what it would be like to live in virtual reality. When her guild members convince her to try a new VRMMO, she discovers reality is far more complex than she knew. Chosen by the gods of another world, Cerys finds herself trapped between warring factions: a tyrannical human empire and an oppressed kingdom of demons.

When she discovers her best friend has been dragged into this new world as well, Cerys is forced to choose between saving her friend or looking at the bigger picture. If Cerys is to be anything more than a pawn in the gods’ game, she’ll have to leverage everything she’s learned on her home world and in past games, before it’s too late. With a cocky incubus king vying for more than her loyalty, her quest won’t be an easy one.

The Soundbooth Theater Crew for this production:

Annie Ellicott – Narration
Jeff Hays – Idris Bloodsong
Justin Thomas James – Emrys, Meical, and the Rest of the Male Cast
Laurie Catherine Winkel – Corlyotir, Drysi, and the Rest of the Female Cast
Griffin Malnar – Editing, Mastering, Sound Design
Ahmed Mahmoud – Music
Dalton Lynne – Project Manager, Proofing
Bonnie L. Price – Proofing

©2018 Bonnie L. Price (P)2019 Bonnie L. Price

About The Author

Bonnie L. Price has been dabbling in the romantic fantasy genre since 2002, when she began writing as a way to entertain herself in rural New York. Her interest in romantic fantasy was borne from a desire for more character interactions and interpersonal relationships in the high fantasy novels and games she loved. After over a decade of keeping her work to herself, she took her first step toward self-publishing by posting a web series online. Emboldened and encouraged by how her work was received, she began publishing her work in 2018.

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