Byron Leavitt


Byron Leavitt is the author of the science fiction/horror novel, Deep Madness: Shattered Seas, and the non-fiction book, Of Hope and Cancer, as well as two forthcoming books: the bizarre children’s novel, The Fish in Jonah’s Puddle (To Say Nothing of the Demon), and the epic fantasy novel, Alayaka. He also wrote all of the story content for the hit board game, Deep Madness and its accompanying book, The Art of Deep Madness.

Byron is currently working on the storybooks for the forthcoming Deep Madness prequel, Dawn of Madness, a story-driven horror experience in a board game. He is very grateful to work at a company where he gets to play with monsters all day.

Byron lives with his wife and two daughters in a centennial Swiss-style house in Washington State. Many residents have come and gone through the house over the years (carnivorous plants, several jellyfish, a clowder of cats, and praying mantises, to name a few). But the ones who have always remained are Byron’s gremlin, Brain, his butler, Egad, Headless Harvey, and the Gargoyle Baby (not to mention Grandma Phyllis in the basement.) Perhaps it’s no surprise that Byron lives to revel in the weird and to cultivate wonder.

Connect with Byron on Facebook or learn more about him and his works on his website.

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