J.S. Grulke


J.S. Grulke has travelled the U.S. multiple times over. Having lived in two polar opposites of the country – America’s dairy land in Wisconsin, to the Sacramento Mountains in New Mexico – one thing has always remained the same: his love of gaming.

Although the majority of his time is spent with his wife and two young children, he still finds time to revisit video games, which brought him into writing in the first place. The countless hours playing games like Dungeons & Dragons Online, WoW, and even The Matrix Online, grew his passion for intricate worlds of fantasy, game mechanics, and wonder. Finding the LitRPG/GameLit genre by reading works from authors such as Blaise Corvin, Dawn Chapman, Dave Willmarth, Charles Dean, and Travis Bagwell, he combined his love of games with fantasy novels and was inspired to write his own novel.

He released his first LitRPG book, XP Unlocked: Quest Accepted in 2018, and followed it up with his Anura Rising series, a kingdom building LitRPG series in December of that same year.

To learn more about J.S. Grulke, visit his website.

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