Raymond Johnson


An Army brat, Ray was born in Würzburg, Germany. For as long as he can remember, he has been fascinated by monsters, magic, and fantasy worlds. He discovered LitRPG a few years ago, and fell arse over teacup for the genre. He is a funeral director who lives in Ohio at the funeral home, has been married to a lovely woman for over 20 years, and has five children (two of whom are recent additions, having fostered and finally adopting the little gremlins). He also has a cowardly dog named Murphy, and lives with his son’s cat, Sandal.

Ray has a library of novels that could easily fill one floor of his home, and more comic books than that, to boot. He tried out for the position of Audiobook Podcaster for SBT, and by some miracle got the job. Now he spends his hours happily listening to one audiobook after another in preparation for the show. In the very little spare time he has, Ray has written numerous short stories and has been included in anthologies, such as Viridian Gate Online: Sidequest, Divine Dungeon’s Essence, Surviving Ludus, and Tales of Dungeons. His first full length novel, Viridian Gate Online: Spider Bite, will release sometime in 2020, as will the Nightmare Game System.

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