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By James Hunter, J.D. Astra, D.J. Bodden, N.H. Paxton, Raymond Johnson, Nicholas Reid


The End is Coming.

An extinction-level asteroid is cannonballing toward Earth. In humanity’s final hours, a lucky few earn a one-way ticket to the brand new, ultra-immersive, fantasy-based VRMMORPG, Viridian Gate Online. Making that leap of faith might mean survival, but it comes with a steep price tag: “Travelers” will forever be stranded as digital avatars inside a fantastical world filled with vicious monsters, all-powerful AIs, and cutthroat players. Let the games begin…

Six amazing authors. Six incredible new tales. All set in the best-selling Viridian Gate Online Universe. Side Quests is an anthology for fans, by fans!

Included in Side Quests:

“A Gentleman’s Work” by James A. Hunter — When an Imperial Inquisitor captures a Thieves Guild Operative, Cutter must undertake a deadly rescue mission while using every grift in the book to stay one step ahead of a Headsman’s Blade. And the prize for this extraordinary quest? Nothing short of the keys to the Rowanheath Thieves Guild. Deception, subterfuge, and heavy drinking — all in a day’s work for a Gentleman…

“The Funeral Parlor” by Raymond Johnson — A young spiderling is stranded in an alien land, surrounded by hostile creatures. Forced to fight for her life in a bid to find her way home, she must transform into the predator she is destined to become or die alone and forgotten, trapped in a dark world known as the Shadowverse.

“The Raiding of Rowanheath” by J.D. Astra — The Crimson Alliance has breached the walls of Rowanheath, inciting Aleixo Carrera’s rage. Now Abby and her ragtag invasion crew must reach the keep’s Command Center before the defending troops mobilize and shut down the takeover, else they’ll lose the battle and the war for Eldgard’s freedom.

“The Ballad of Jaro Edgewalker” by N.H. Paxton — Jaro is an assassin, and he’s good at it. But when he finds a foe that is insurmountable by normal means and uncovers a plot to destroy everything he loves, he has to balance his morality with his love for his friends and make an incredibly difficult decision.

“Buried Alive” by Nicholas Reid — Carlos Vega thinks he’s escaping certain death by entering the virtual world of V.G.O., but instead he’s swallowed alive by the deadly Barren Sands. He’ll have to overcome the riddles and horrors of a long-forgotten temple in order to escape, but can he do it before the evil sealed there centuries ago finds him?

“A Final Kindness” by D.J. Bodden — Alan Campbell was a talker, not a fighter, until someone murdered his girl. He’d almost given up on finding the killers; now he’s got a fresh lead, a trio of mercenaries who outclass him in every way but his wits. He’ll cheat, bluff, and steal to get his revenge, and as one of V.G.O.’s immortal travelers, he’s willing to die trying.

©2018 James Hunter (P)2019 James Hunter

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An Army brat, Ray was born in Würzburg, Germany. For as long as he can remember, he has been fascinated by monsters, magic, and fantasy worlds. He discovered LitRPG a few years ago, and fell arse over teacup for the genre. He is a funeral director who lives in Ohio at the funeral home, has been married to a lovely woman for over 20 years, and has five children (two of whom are recent additions, having fostered and finally adopting the little gremlins). He also has a cowardly dog named Murphy, and lives with his son’s cat, Sandal.

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