The Reviews are in! Here’s What People are Saying About Our Halloween Titles

As our annual Halloween Birthday sale comes to a close, we wanted to take a moment to gush about the three new productions we released to kick it off. But rather than do the talking ourselves (we do enough of that, don’t you think?), we decided to let the fans do it for us. Here is a selection of some of our glowing early reviews:

Kaiju Battlefield Surgeon Episode 12 Cover Art

Kaiju Battlefield Surgeon; Episode 12, “Cotton” by Matt Dinniman

Absolutely Blown Away
“The Soundbooth Theater team has never once disappointed me, but KBS, and especially this finale, have shown they still have untapped wells of skill. I felt like I was inside the game every moment Duke was, and I could almost feel the damage he took. The final conversation with Banksy was a marvel from both the team and the author, fitting so much emotion into such a short time frame is nothing short of incredible. If you have any interest in horror, this is a must listen.” — Ian Hathaway


Vampire Queen, Book 1: The Samurai by Sara King

Words Don’t do it Justice
“I have long been a huge fan of Sara King. I have read all of her books, some of them more than once. This is one I had the pleasure of beta reading, and it blew my mind then, in its raw form. Now, I must disclose this: I normally hate listening to audiobooks. I read stupid fast, and the words blur into images in my mind. Listening to audiobooks is usually agonizingly slow and boring. My brain wanders, and then I realize I’ve missed key moments (or entire chapters). Not so with the SBT team. For the first time in my life, I am enjoying hearing someone else read to me. I am actually entertained and (dare I say it?) enthralled by the voices of these readers bringing the characters to life so much better than my own brain did. Kudos to SBT for making the pleasure of reading a SK novel even better than it normally is.” — Chelsea Grooms-Perez

SK + SBT Make a Great Team!
“Sara is excellent at developing deep characters that I love to read. I find myself liking characters I did not think I would while I wait for others to die a horrible death. Sara does a great job at delivering on both types of characters. The SBT team never ceases to amaze me when they bring a character to life, and they are so much better at it than I am. That is the reason I always look out for SBT-narrated books. I am glad Sara and SBT found each other! I look forward to more books from each of them!” — Matthew Moreno

Another Winner from Soundbooth and Sara King
“Another jam-packed action adventure with literal LMAO moments. Husband kept looking up from his iPad, ‘What is so funny over there?!’ Annie Ellicott and Jeff Hays bring this story to life. A+++ story and A+++ actors!” — Anon


Seance High Falls Episode 1 Cover Art
Séance (High Falls); Episode 1: Lina Fox by Mark Harris

Instantly Compelling
“I fell into the action of this plot without hesitation. I’ve always been fascinated by the spiritualist movement, seances, and the people who lead them, but this story does so much with it. The addition of political manipulation, the temperance movement, and the birth of American feminism round out a full and compelling drama. The acting is excellent, the sound quality is beautiful, and I cannot wait to listen to the next episode — now please!”

Excited for Next Episode!
“This is very well produced, directed, & acted. The premise is something I’ve always had an interest in & I think this will be a great listen as things unravel during the story progression. I’ll be honest — once I saw that Harlan Guthrie was involved, I was sold. That guy is so talented & the things he’s involved in never disappoint!” — Miss.Katatonic


But Wait… There’s More!
The new and improved SBT Direct app has also been receiving rave reviews. Check it out:


SBT Direct Apple Reviews

Awesome Update!
“I love all the changes, it runs really smoothly, and it’s easy to find my favorites!” — Calisto Nyx

NEW Version Just Launched…
“… And it is a vast improvement over the previous version. The bad reviews are from the old version, which is gone. The new version is much better.” — 1BenWolf


SBT Direct Android Reviews

“The app is updated and works now! I highly recommend using this instead of audible wherever possible. Excellent team, high quality productions, and a fun selection!” — Jonathan Travis

“Super awesome overhaul! It’s so smooth and easy to navigate and find all my books.” — Sarah Austin

We’re so grateful for any and all reviews we receive — both on our productions and on the app. If you’ve been listening and enjoying our work, please consider taking a moment to rate and review. Every piece of feedback helps!