Vampire Queen, Book 1: The Samurai

By Sara King

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At 19, Bonnie Stanford is your average hardworking urban college student in Alaska—just a typical girl trying to find her place in the world while avoiding her psychotic parents. (Well, typical if you don’t count the fact that she doesn’t know that she’s an un-awakened Vampire Queen.) Having just lost her job, Bonnie reluctantly accepts the request to house sit her parents’ place out in the middle of Nowhere, Alaska, while they go on a three-week vacation. Two days before they are due home (and she can go back to quietly ignoring them), however, Bonnie receives a strange package and a letter, both of which turn her world upside down. Suddenly, she finds herself at the top of the Supernatural Most Wanted List, just because she has to suck blood and can, oh, by the way, enthrall people. Being hunted by the Inquisition and vampire lords who wanna kill her or enslave her, with only an ancient Samurai who is just as wary of her as she is of him as a companion, Bonnie tries to handle the insanity she has just been immersed in. Will the tentative trust formed between the centuries-old warrior and the naïve young woman be enough to help her survive the dangers to come? Will the unlikely pair be able to overcome their fear of each other to survive the coming supernatural apocalypse? Or will Bonnie fall to the supernatural creatures seeking to bind her and use her to make their dark armies?

Author’s Note:

This is not your usual vampire story. If you’ve read my books, you know I don’t do run-of-the-mill genre fiction. I can’t. As one of my editors—after instructing me to write a couple mindless formula brain-candy romances to make a quick buck and I wrote him Alaskan Fire instead—said, “You just can’t write brainless s***, can you?” Nope. Can. Not. Which brings us to Alaskan Fang. This series is different. It’s different from other vampire books, different than paranormal romance genre books, and it’s different from my usual sci-fi books. It’s gonna get dark in places, creepy in others, but like all my books, it’ll be an absolute crazy thrill ride adventure throughout. It’ll have more sex than my other books (because vampires), probably some kinky sex (because vampires), and quite possibly multiple partners (because vampires). That said, the story is not about sex. I plan to keep the romantic sex scenes to a minimum for the first few books, maybe append some clearly-marked They Get It On supplementals to the later books for the romance section of the fanbase, since most of my readers are sci-fi geeks and not really into lots of graphic sex. But yeah, I think differently, so I had to write different. Hopefully you guys enjoy my twisted world regardless…

Enjoy this new adult paranormal fantasy adventure by bestselling author Sara King, the latest in her long catalogue of epic sci-fi and fantasy works! Join the suspense of a young vampire surviving a world of supernatural terrors and things that go bump in the night, and see what happens when King takes the myths and fairy tales of the Guardians of the First Realm world and spins them into a brand new urban fantasy adventure!

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Compelling and Enchanting!

Compelling and interesting! The book continues to gain speed as you read on! With fascinating and relatable characters that you just call in love with, and others you love to hate, you can't put it down! I rushed so fast to the next book I had to cone back to leave a review! Definitely recommend this books and others by this author!