Welcome to the SBT Blog; Relaunch Edition

Halloween 2021, a day inexplicably still dominated by Joe Exotics and Carole Baskins with some Harley Quinns and Spidermen here and there. It was also SBT Direct’s first birthday… and, shamefully, the last time we published a blog post.

It was not our intent to go almost 10 months without posting; but when we look back at what’s been going on over the past year or so, it’s no wonder we did. After all, we’ve been busy! Since our last blog post, we’ve wrapped The Stars Have Eyes, started multiple new monthly serials — including Portal Books: Side Quests — and kept Kaiju Battlefield Surgeon going strong. And that’s just on SBT Direct! Our Audible catalogue has expanded considerably as well, and includes some awesome new collaborations with our friends at Aethon Books. Plus, we released new audiobooks in some of our most popular series, like Neven Iliev’s Everybody Loves Large Chests and Matt Dinniman’s Dungeon Crawler Carl.

While our list of credits has grown, so too has the company as a whole. We’ve welcomed the talented new voices of Zachary Johnson, Emma Kate Starling, Alejandra LaFlor, Jude Erin, and Henry Kramer. We’ve also brought in our amazing web designer, Jacob Raccuia, as Director of Technology. All the while, both our production team and our business team have been working on getting more organized and setting ourselves up for long-term success.

2022 has truly been a year of growth and change for Soundbooth Theater, and we aren’t done yet. With that in mind, we want to officially welcome you all to the relaunch of the SBT blog! We swear we aren’t going to ghost you guys this time.

What You Can Expect from the “New and Improved” SBT Blog

Our vision for this blog is for it to act as the hub for all things Soundbooth Theater. You’ll find in-depth news related to SBT and the community as a whole, go behind the scenes of some of your favorite audiobooks and Deep Dives, and get to know the members of our crew. Perhaps most importantly, we want this to be a place where we can highlight our incredible authors, without whom none of this would be possible. So, stay tuned for our Author Spotlight series and some exclusive guest posts.

We’re sure the blog will grow and evolve, just like we will. What might this space become over time? Who knows! The blog is our oyster. If there are particular types of content you think we should feature, please be sure to let us know.

Other Exciting Happenings

The blog isn’t our only titillating update. At the time of publications, a gaggle of SBT crew members and authors are converging on Atlanta for Dragon Con. We’re mostly there to hang out and make mischief, so be sure to find us if you’re there. Additionally, Jeff will be doing a reading with Dungeon Crawler Carl author, Matt Dinniman, on Saturday at 11:30am ET (details available in the Dragon Con app). But what will they read, we wonder? Guess you’ll have to go to the reading to find out.

We’ll also have a bigger presence at 20 Books Vegas this year, with booths on Monday and Friday. Plus, Jeff and a few members of the team will be giving a presentation called, “Audiobooks vs. Audio Dramatization.” We’ll be sure to share our time slot as soon as it’s finalized.

In non-events news, SBT Direct’s second birthday — and annual birthday sale — will be here before we know it. As you all probably know by now, we like to celebrate big changes on our birthday, so keep your ears open. We’re hoping to officially debut our new iPhone and Android apps by then along with some “cosmetic updates,” and we’ll want your feedback. More on that soon…

Of course, it wouldn’t be our birthday sale if we didn’t drop some exciting new content on the platform. We’re still firming up the full roster of birthday titles, but the two we really can’t wait to share with you are the finale of Kaiju Battlefield Surgeon, Episode 12, “Cotton,” and Chronicles of a Vampire Queen: Alaskan Fang; Part One: The Samurai by Sara King!

Got Questions, Suggestions, or Concerns?

If you know Soundbooth Theater, you know how important our community is to us. Not only do we welcome your input, we thrive on it. So, please reach out with any questions or feedback you may have. We especially want to hear about ways we can improve the SBT Direct distribution platform. Are there features you’d like to see in the app? Let us know and we’ll try to make them happen! Well, within reason; Jeff isn’t Elon Musk… though if you believe there’s a chance he may have had intimate relations with your mother which led to your conception, please email info@soundbooththeater.com with the subject line, “Is Jeff My Daddy?”