Emily Labes-Royce

Communications Manager, Author

Emily Labes is the Communications Manager of Soundbooth Theater as well as a freelance Creative Communications Specialist. Like many members of the SBT team, she loves to tell stories as much as she loves to listen to them; though her stories are frantically typed rather than lyrically spoken. For Emily, storytelling takes a variety of forms – from helping to craft Soundbooth’s core messaging to drafting ad copy and blogs to writing her very own audio serials.

As the co-creator of Space Buns, Emily wrote the script of the very first SBT Original! She has also been fortunate enough to hear some of SBT’s talented voice actors perform her work in “Meta Narrators,” a sketch she wrote for the 2019 Independent Audiobook Awards, and Love in the Time of Corona, a series that was performed in nine weekly installments on Soundbooth Theater Live! and then adapted into a one-act play for the 2020 HEARNow Festival. The HEARNow production was the recipient of the 2020 Festival Favorite Award.

Emily has spent her entire career at the intersection of creativity and pragmatism. Prior to running away from corporate America, she was a Publicist at Finn Partners, a publicity firm, before becoming the Digital Marketing & Strategy Manager of Caserta, a tech firm specializing in big data. As a Publicist, Emily primarily worked in book publicity. She had the privilege of promoting books by many notable authors and individuals, including Diane Ackerman, Dean Koontz, and Pope Francis. She continues to use her publicity and marketing background to serve Soundbooth Theater as well as its many talented authors and narrators.

Those who know Emily know she has an on-again off-again relationship with Oreos – much to the chagrin of everyone who hates the sound of chewing on conference calls – and a BFA in Creative Writing from Emerson College. Although based in New York City, she operates in all time zones.

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