What’s Happening at SBT: Winter’s Breath Hit Audible!

New Audible Release

Tales of a Northblood; Winter’s Breath by Carrie Summers has emerged from its cocoon and is now flapping its wings over on Audible! Narrated by Annie Ellicott and featuring Jeff Hays & Dorrie Sacks, this is a beautifully-told LitRPG you won’t want to miss.

Jace, a backcountry ranger assigned to patrol the wilderness of North America, was hiking when abruptly he was somewhere…else. Wind battered his thinly clothed body, and the salt air from crashing waves immediately soaked him to the bone. Nothing looked familiar. And then the strange game messages started appearing in his vision.

With no explanation for how he arrived here, Jace must nonetheless learn to survive in a merciless environment, crafting everything with his own hands. He must learn the art of combat and how to control the powerful abilities that surface in his body. Northblood, they’ll call him. A blessing and a curse.

On the bright side, he’s totally buff. And there’s this hot redheaded game tester who was pulled from her old life and shoved into his.

Things could definitely be worse.


New SBT Direct Release

Space Buns, Episode Three, “Waiting” was released exclusively on our website just this very morning!

A few weeks into her training with Wheeler and Mira, Ruby is frustrated by how little progress she has made towards becoming a hero. She still hasn’t figured out how to harness her abilities, let alone discover what exactly they are. While Wheeler is patient with her in that regard, he is far more demanding when it comes to her comic book work. Luckily for Ruby, she’s about to discover that a little progress and determination can go a long way — in more than one area of her training.

On the other hand, it seems no amount of tenacity can mend the gaps in Ruby’s personal life, as a night out with her drawing school friends and Shane reminds her. Both her reality and the world she’s created in her Space Buns comics are changing rapidly; will Ruby be able to keep up?

Conceptualized by Annie Ellicott and written by Emily Labes, Space Buns is the very first Soundbooth Theater original series! Complete with original music by Annie Ellicott and performed by Annie along with Jordan Hehl; vocals also by Annie and production by Aaron J. Morton. Cover illustration by Jeremy Luther.


Upcoming Audible Releases

We cannot believe how soon we’ll be able to share the stunning conclusion to Shemer KuznitsNew Era Online series with you. Life Reset: Salvation (New Era Online, Book 6) is being shipped off to Audible any day now. Read by Jeff Hays, Annie Ellicott, and Laurie Catherine Winkel, this series finale presents insurmountable odds… hidden powers maneuvering behind the scenes… all culminating in a final, titanic, clash.

The mighty city of Everance lay in the GreenPiece clan’s path, but as Oren soon discovers, he’s got even bigger obstacles to overcome before reaching his final goal.

Additionally, Winter’s Quest, the second book in the Tales of a Northblood Saga by Carrie Summers is also headed to Audible any day now!

His first task was to survive. Now Jace must save the only people he’s ever cared for.

Back in his old life, Jace was a loner. He didn’t need friends or community, and judging by his romantic failures, he didn’t need a girlfriend either. Or more accurately, any girlfriends he managed to attract quickly found they didn’t need him. But now, everything has changed.

Yanked from that old life and shoved into a harsh world governed by game rules, Jace has built the first true home he’s ever known. Ironstead, a settlement on an outcrop overlooking a savage coast, is a refuge in a dangerous land. The villagers call him their leader. Mackenzie, the woman of his dreams, calls him whatever she pleases because there’s no arguing with her spunky smile or quick temper. And Jace is pleased to look around the nightly campfires and realize he can call these people ‘friends.’

But like a dark tide seeping up through beach cobbles, evil magic is slowly flooding the region. Barricaded in the region’s stronghold, a fortress called Graymist Hold, a crazed and power-hungry woman summons the darkness. The region is doomed unless Jace and his friends can figure out a way to stop her.


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Mortimer has some truly EPIC boss fights that our composer and SFX engineer are working hard to score correctly. But we’re plugging along and hoping to submit it soon!

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