Space Buns, Episode 3: Waiting

By Annie Ellicott, Emily Labes-Royce

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A few weeks into her training with Wheeler and Mira, Ruby is frustrated by how little progress she has made towards becoming a hero. She still hasn’t figured out how to harness her abilities, let alone discover what exactly they are. While Wheeler is patient with her in that regard, he is far more demanding when it comes to her comic book work. Luckily for Ruby, she’s about to discover that a little progress and determination can go a long way — in more than one area of her training.

On the other hand, it seems no amount of tenacity can mend the gaps in Ruby’s personal life, as a night out with her drawing school friends and Shane reminds her. Both her reality and the world she’s created in her Space Buns comics are changing rapidly; will Ruby be able to keep up?

Conceptualized by Annie Ellicott and written by Emily Labes, Space Buns is the very first Soundbooth Theater original series! Complete with original music by Annie Ellicott and performed by Annie along with Jordan Hehl; vocals also by Annie and production by Aaron J. Morton. Cover illustration by Jeremy Luther.

© 2021 Annie Ellicott & Emily Labes ℗ 2021 Soundbooth Theater

About The Authors

Annie Ellicott is a jazz vocalist and interdisciplinary artist. She expands her role as a songwriter, creative musician, voice over artist and actress through recording, video production, stagecraft and performance art. Annie has toured the United States and Europe, performing both traditional jazz and original compositions.

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Emily Labes is the Communications Manager of Soundbooth Theater as well as a freelance Creative Communications Specialist. Like many members of the SBT team, she loves to tell stories as much as she loves to listen to them; though her stories are frantically typed rather than lyrically spoken. For Emily, storytelling takes a variety of forms – from helping to craft Soundbooth’s core messaging to drafting ad copy and blogs to writing her very own audio serials.

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Can’t wait for the next Entry!

Just don’t this Original story and love it! Listened to all 3 in one day at work! Can’t wait for the next one!!!

Another stellar entry from Emily and Annie!