Hundred Kingdoms, Book 1: Battle Spire

By Michael R. Miller


Warning: Strong language is used throughout.

Jack Kross only wanted to play the game. Now he’s fighting for his life.

When a mysterious hacker takes control of Hundred Kingdoms, Jack is trapped inside the fantasy VR world along with millions of other players. But Jack is in a worse predicament. He’s cornered in the very tower the terrorists have taken as their base; the only free player left within its walls. Even worse, in the real world, his body lies in a sweltering room with no hope of relief.

Playing the profession-based Scavenger class, and at a low level, Jack’s prospects of fighting his way out are next to impossible. Crafting gear, traps, and weapons, allying with a deadly dungeon master and an AI he can’t fully trust, Jack is in a race against time to save not just himself but the millions of players held hostage.

Battle Spire is a meeting of World of Warcraft and Die Hard, using crunchy LitRPG mechanics with a heavy focus on crafting. Listeners can expect to find in-depth item and spell descriptions, along with stat tables and profession recipes.

©2019 Michael Robert Miller (P)2019 Michael Miller

About The Author

Michael was born in 1992 and grew up in the gray, wet, and wild west coast of Scotland.

He began writing his debut book, The Reborn King, when he was ten years old. Old paper copies of terrible opening chapters may still be found in a drawer back home. Thankfully, those early drafts never saw the light of day. In 2015, he renewed his writings efforts and released The Reborn King, in November of that year.

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