Cherry Blossom Girls, Book 2

By Harmon Cooper


Success beyond my wildest dreams? Too bad I wasn’t able to fully enjoy it. 

No time to sit back and watch the fame roll in when you’re being hunted by superpowereds and a private military force.

Still, everything was going according to plan. 

Grace, Veronique, and I were headed south. Our target? The secret government facilities scattered across the country. The second installment of Mutants in the Making was nearing completion, ready to be published any day now.

Things were tense, but all was well. I wish they could have stayed that way….

Soundbooth Theater is proud to have chosen Cherry Blossom Girls as our very first audiobook to include the entire SBT cast! We hope you enjoy this Tour de Force, and we look forward to bringing you more like it! 

The Soundbooth Theater team for this production: 

Justin Thomas James – Narration, Gideon, Other Male Characters, Production, Editing, Mastering, and Sound design
Annie Ellicott – Grace, Mother, Other Female Characters
Laurie Catherine Winkel – Veronique, Dorian
Jeff Hays – Angel, Luke Lyrian, Dr. Ken Kim, Other Male Characters
Dalton Lynne – Proofing, Editing

©2018 Harmon Cooper (P)2018 Harmon Cooper

About The Author

Raised by panthers in the pit of hell, Harmon Cooper escaped and found himself somewhere in central Texas. Realizing that he'd never look good in a cowboy hat, he moved to Asia, where he spent five years uncovering mysteries and honing his writing skills. Upon returning to America, Harmon relocated to New England, which is neither "new" nor "England," where he currently lives with his magical Mongolian wife. Harmon is the author of The Feedback Loop, Fantasy Online, Cherry Blossom Girls, Monster Hunt NYC, We Could Be Heroes, and the Last Warrior of Unigaea, all of which are works that have been touched by the warm fuzzy voices of SBT.

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