Delvers LLC, Book 5: Hostile Takeover

By Blaise Corvin


The Delvers LLC group is moving into the unknown. Tasked with a dangerous quest by Dolos, the god of Ludus, they have had to leave one of their members behind. Their journey will be full of shocking revelations as they learn more of Earth’s ancient history.

Forces of evil that have been gathering on Ludus have begun to act. Henry and Jason are rapidly being caught in the middle of a world war. The stakes have never been higher.

Although great, the power they have acquired thus far might not be enough to survive. Will Delvers LLC be able to complete their next mission? More importantly, even if they do, is the fight for the planet one they can even win?

About the series: Join Henry and Jason as they explore Ludus, struggling to survive on an alien planet full of magic and monster. The two men from Earth will be forced to navigate new cultures and learn mysterious powers they continue to master.

The two friends will make more allies along the way, even some they consider family. But in order to return home, they must finish the insane quest that Dolos, the god of Ludus, gave them. They will need an edge. Maybe modern know-how from Earth will be enough.

About The Author

After being laid off from his IT job, Blaise Corvin became a full-time science fiction and fantasy writer. He is best known for his Delvers LLC series, and his passion for the GameLit genre of fiction, in which most of his books tend to fall. Known as the Magnificent Bastard of GameLit, Blaise became a writer for the same reason that so many do: he was frustrated at not finding the types of stories he wanted to read. So, he began to write them himself, only to find that many other GameLit lovers wanted to read his stories too.

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