The Wraith’s Haunt, Book 3: Dungeon Lord – Abominable Creatures

By Hugo Huesca


The Light strives to purify the kingdom of Starevos from evil… and only Dungeon Lord Edward Wright stands in their way.

The Heroes of the Militant Church, led by Inquisitor Gallio, scour the forest in search of the Haunt, while Ed desperately attempts to uncover the secret behind the Heroes’ origin. Can Ed and his friends defeat the Inquisition and secure their own place in the world, or are they destined to become the monsters of their own tale?

All over Ivalis, the portents announce blood and fire as the ancient traditions return and abominable creatures long thought forgotten stir in their tombs. Both the Dark and the Light loom hungrily over the Haunt, and only one thing is certain…

If pushed, Dungeon Lord Edward Wright will fight against them all.

Soundbooth Theater is proud to present the third book of Hugo Huesca’s horror/comedy/GameLit epic, The Wraith’s Haunt. Ed’s challenges keep building, and this time he has to face the Inquisition instead of a new monster. And the Inquisition’s primary weapon is Ed’s old guild! Join us for the best audio production of Dungeon Lord yet, complete with a standout performance by Annie Ellicott as the various ladies and spiders of the Haunt, and a stampede… of Hell Chickens.

The Soundbooth Theater team for this production:

Jeff Hays – Narration, Sound Design
Annie Ellicott – Lavy, Kes, and the Rest of the Female Cast
Dalton Lynne – Proofing and Editing
Griffin Malnar – Editing, Mastering, and Sound Design

©2018 Hugo Huesca (P)2019 Hugo Huesca

About The Author

Hugo Huesca is a science fiction and fantasy writer. He has been reading avidly for the better part of two decades and writing fiction since he was ten years old. He is a swimmer, a tequila drinker, and a fanatic of ridiculous science fiction book covers from 50 years ago. Some of his favorite books are Snow Crash, Neuromancer, Conan the Barbarian, Valis, The Dark Tower, and The Name of the Wind.

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