Garralosh: Birth of the Beast – A Chrysalis Short Story

By RinoZ

(7 Reviews)


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Garralosh was a terror in the Dungeon below Liria. A monstrous beast, hunted by the Abyssal Legion who lay vengeful and plotting, prevented from reaching the second stratum. Yet she wasn’t always this way. Once, she was a human, reborn to a new life on Pangera. How did she become such a monster? Let’s find out…

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Reviews (7)

loved it

I love the idea of doing short stories about different characters backgrounds!! I just wish it was a longer!! Keep churning out gold! And great narration!!


It's an interesting little short story for sure 😃

Very nice backstory

Annie & Jeff did a Great job as usua. RinoZ did Awrsome on this short story. More on the gaint crocs history was vrry nice to get.