Gun Meister Online: Adult and Uncensored

By Noah Barnett


Disclaimer: This version contains uncensored and detailed descriptions of sex. Enjoy. 

Gun Meister Online is a recently released virtual-reality combat simulator. Players assume the role of a Meister; fighting in matches and ranking up into higher divisions. Within the game, weapons take on human shape. These NPC’s use a new Dynamic Distributed Personality System recently implemented, and many are excited by how lifelike the AI characters are becoming. 

Charlie has only just begun to play, and he struggles to grow as a Meister. At the same time, he starts to take charge of his life in the real world. Eventually, Charlie finds friendship among a group of erratic misfits along with an arsenal of beautiful weapons. Follow him on an adrenaline-filled adventure, one that may decide the fate of Earth. 

Online experience may vary from person to person. Gun Meister is rated [Adult] and only those 18 or older are allowed to enter a world of guns, violence, profanity, fast cars, pretty girls, and a hot mess of sexual content. Have we mentioned harems yet? Every Meister gets one. 

Soundbooth Theater is proud to present Annie Ellicott’s first full narration. Her performance is nothing short of provocative and brilliant. She juggles a wide range of characters, an ability to command attention during intense gun battles, and a sultry tone in steamy sex scenes. Supported by Jeff Hays as the male cast and Justin Thomas James as the Civil War enthusiast, Montgomery, Annie completely knocked it out of the park with her debut narration. 

The Soundbooth Theater team for this production: Annie Ellicott – Narration; Jeff Hays – Male Characters, Proofing, Production Supervision; Dalton Lynne – Proofing, Editing; Ivy Sherrard – Proofing, Editing; Griffin Malnar – Editing, Mastering

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