The Other Guys, Book 1: Heroes of Last Resort

By J.K. Galioto, C.T. Knospe


Jack Jensen is a middle-aged nobody who lives a lackluster life in an even more uninteresting town. Having sampled every job the small town of Merrill, Wisconsin has to offer, he has excelled at nothing but growing his beer gut and his luxurious curly, chestnut brown hair. His life is one of unrealized potential and lack of direction.

Things change one morning when his brother, an Army Major, lands his helicopter in the parking lot of Jack’s less-than-profitable gaming store in a desperate bid to thrust the perennial slacker into the role of saving the country, the world, and even more unlikely, himself.

Heroes of Last Resort is a LitRPG series that features leveling, detailed character systems, epic world saving quests, and much more. The story features a middle-aged MC born in 1975.

© 2021 JK Galioto, CT Knospe ℗ 2022 JK Galioto, CT Knospe

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  • Release Date: 03/14/2022
  • Imprint: Soundbooth Theater
  • Genres: Fantasy, LitRPG

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