The Other Guys, Book 2: Advanced Heroes of Last Resort

By J.K. Galioto, C.T. Knospe


We promised ourselves that we wouldn’t use something so cliché as Jack is Back in the book description, but now that it is typed, we might as well own it.

Jack is Back! He is once again joined by his loyal friend Gooch and his loveable familiar Rat Damon as they attempt to save Earth from the might of the Ravanan Empire.

With the addition of two newcomers from earth, the party continues their quest to shut down power sources, make friendly with the natives, and be excellent to each other.

Advanced Heroes of Last Resort is book 2 in the LitRPG series The Other Guys that features leveling, detailed character systems, epic world saving quests, and much more. The story features a middle-aged main character with glorious hair; he has once been called the fat Patrick Swayze of his generation.

Advanced Heroes of Last Resort contains:

  • Detailed Character System
  • Epic World Saving Quests
  • Fantasy Violence
  • Character Sheets / System Interface
  • XP / Levels / Skills / Character Perks
  • Rat Damon
  • More pop culture references than Mr. T has gold chains

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About The Authors

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  • Release Date: 03/09/2023
  • Imprint: Soundbooth Theater
  • Genres: Fantasy, LitRPG