Greyblood, Book 2: Metamorphosis

By Daniel Prince


Unleash the monster inside.

A mysterious island. A half-orc battling for control of his mind. Things that go bump in the night.

Fresh from the events of the Academy’s end of year tournament, Half-Orc, Lugor, and his party are on their first official Guild assignment. Their mission? Aid in the creation of a new settlement on a recently discovered landmass. Unfortunately, Lugor is finding out that nothing in life ever comes easy. Disaster strikes on arrival, and there is no way to contact his mentor, Maric, for help. The expedition starts crumbling, and Lugor must find a way to keep the new settlement from falling apart.

But Lugor has his own personal problems. His monster side is awakening faster than predicted, and if he doesn’t become strong enough, then the Orc soul inhabiting his body will seize control. With his friends by his side, Lugor is still confident that he can take on the challenges ahead of him. That is, if the demonic beasts attacking in the night don’t kill them all first.

This story includes the following:

  • Half-monster protagonist
  • Game mechanics in a fantasy world
  • Sword-and-board protagonist
  • Crafting abilities, like enchantment and blacksmithing

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About The Author

Born and raised in the South of England, Daniel Prince is a semi-good-looking guy and the author of the semi-bestselling series. He's got zero awards to his name, but those will come in time. Probably. When he's not busy writing the fantasy version of Captain America, Dan enjoys a good read, RPGs, and lying awake all night having existential crises about his mortality.

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