Nightmare Spider Apocalypse

By Dean Hanson

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Spiders are scary at the best of times but they get a whole lot scarier when your mom and dad aren’t around. Hi I’m Dean and this is the story of my Spider Nightmare Apocalypse. Join me and my friends on a strange and magical adventure. And don’t forget to bring your lava gun!

This is Dean Hanson’s first book, and he wrote it when he was just nine years old! All proceeds of sales go straight to his family, and upon release, SBT made a donation to the Moyamoya Foundation. To learn more about this rare condition, please visit their website.


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Reviews (1)

Loved it so much!

Jeff Hayes really brought this to life. It is a creative story and the fact that the author is 10 years old really shines through because no adult would ever come up with the things that he did. And it feels like a game, a sort of mix between Link and Wolfenstein perhaps? Honestly it is a cheap and short listen, and it is worth every penny.