Pangea Online, Book 2: Magic and Mayhem

By S.L. Rowland


Everything has a price. Pangea Online is no different.

In the aftermath of the Developer’s Tournament, Esil has a new life filled with opportunity. He’s the first person to test out their most innovative technology — full-immersion gameplay — in a brand new, unexplored gameworld.

Magic and mayhem collide in ways he never thought possible, and soon, he finds himself caught in a quest that may alter the course of the game for years to come.

As Esil experiences the grandeur of full immersion and the line blurs between reality and the gameworld, the NPCs he meets feel more like friends than data. Tasked with defending a small town from dark forces, he must learn to protect its citizens from impending doom or risk losing them forever.

Soundbooth Theater has returned to the world of Pangea Online! Justin Thomas James and Laurie Catherine Winkel reprise their roles as Esil and Aleesia, and Jeff Hays joins the cast as Benji and Curtis. S.L. Rowland’s classic LitRPG continues in audio better than ever.

©2018 Steven Rowland (P)2019 Steven Rowland

About The Author

S.L. Rowland is a nomad. Born in the South, he loves traveling and has road-tripped coast to coast three times over. He currently lives in the mountains of East Tennessee with his Shiba Inu, Lawson. When not writing, he enjoys hiking, reading, weightlifting, playing video games, and having his heart broken by various Atlanta sports teams

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